ZDGE Is #78 Most Downloaded App in the U.S. Today its Highest Ranking Since Our Suggestion

Zedge (ZDGE) is now the #78 ranked app in the U.S. on Android the highest since NIA's initial suggestion of the stock.

This does not include Emojipedia.

This does not include GuruShots.

We are talking about only the Zedge app: #78 most downloaded in the U.S. today on Google Play! Highest since our suggestion of ZDGE!

Take a look below:

We never imagined this was possible! Simply amazing!

Eight days from today on Valentines Day when tens of millions of people search for heart emojis and discover Emojipedia and how ZDGE owns the #1 largest and fastest growing emoji company, ZDGE will become the #1 most talked about small-cap technology stock on Wall Street!

ZDGE gained by 1.59% today to $3.19 per share, but its rally is very early because look how low its trading volume is! We circled in red what to look for when ZDGE reaches a top! ZDGE will likely hit a top about one week after Valentines Day at a price of between $5 and $15 per share.

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