Many people are asking which is a better buy: Morien Resources (TSXV: MOX) or (TGLO).

At today's closing prices MOX is definitely the better buy because the only major risk factor has been eliminated. The reason MOX wasn't already trading for well above $1 per share was the risk that Nova Scotia wouldn't allow the mine to reopen or Kameron Coal would back out of reopening the mine. Now that the mine is open, MOX at the very least should generate $10 million in royalties over the next twelve months and trade at a worst-case scenario market cap of $100 million, which equals $2 per share. You really can't lose on MOX below $1 per share.

TGLO still has a risk factor of whether or not Delfin Midstream will make a positive Final Investment Decision before year-end. We believe the odds are increasing in TGLO's favor every single day. All that needs to happen is for there to be news that Delfin Midstream has signed one more LNG export agreement for between 0.5-1 MTPA of LNG and that will increase the odds of a positive Final Investment Decision to about 99%.

There's a very good chance that both MOX and TGLO finish 2022 trading for between $2-$5.

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