Even Though NIA's President Doesn't Own ART

Even though NIA's President doesn't own ARHT Media (TSXV: ART) because he knows North Peak Resources (TSXV: NPR) will be the market's largest percentage gainer of March, we are pretty sure that if we get media headlines over the weekend or next week confirming that holograms are being used by NATO for military training in Ukraine... ART would immediately gap up to $1 per share. ART's $10 million in funding raised this week was priced at $0.275 per share a large premium above the current share price, so we really don't see much downside risk. Do a news headline search you will see that NATO's planned remote training in Ukraine is a pretty big story right now, but the Defense Secretary hasn't yet announced how exactly the remote training will take place. We do know that many troops are being sent to Germany and NATO's training facilities in Germany already have ART's technology installed right now.

In addition to ART's September NATO installations in Germany and Virginia there were additional military installations in April that you can read about by clicking here. ART said in April 2021, "In Q1 2021 it installed its HoloPod™ and HoloPresence™ Display technology, as well as Capture Studio Kits with two military organizations in three separate countries with a value over $450,000. The primary uses of the technology will be for military training and education. In one case these permanent installations are a pilot program that has the potential to be rolled out to many additional countries."

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