ZDGE Will Catch Up to PALT Next Week

When NIA researched all U.S. technology stocks six months ago, Zedge (ZDGE) and Paltalk (PALT) were the only two undervalued companies trading at low enterprise value/revenue ratios with strong balance sheets. Today, ZDGE is the only remaining technology company trading with a low enterprise value/revenue ratio and a strong balance sheet.

PALT has since increased from an enterprise value of 0.177X revenue up to an enterprise value of 2.204X revenue.

ZDGE deserves a much higher enterprise value/revenue ratio than PALT, because ZDGE owns Emojipedia one of the fastest growing Internet businesses in the world with year-over-year growth of 62%.

Look for ZDGE to rapidly catch up to PALT's enterprise value/revenue ratio of 2.204 next week.

An enterprise value of 2.204X ZDGE's trailing twelve-month revenue of $27.42 million will give ZDGE an enterprise value of $60.43 million + ZDGE's cash position of $16.7 million = market cap of $77.13 million. A market cap of $77.13 million values ZDGE at $5.37 per share.

ZDGE is the only U.S. stock worth owning and will likely become the #1 largest U.S. percentage gainer of the next month.

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