ZDGE Will Be Market's #1 Valentines Day Play

Zedge (ZDGE)'s Emojipedia will boom over the next month for Valentines Day because everybody searches for heart emojis and they end up at Emojipedia and discovering it is part of a publicly traded company ZDGE.

One year ago on January 24, 2023, ZDGE was $2.30 per share. It closed Valentines Day on February 14, 2023, up to $2.80 per shareZDGE hit a high one week later on February 21, 2023, of $3.74 per share.

Between January 24, 2023, and February 21, 2023, ZDGE gained by 62.60% in less than one month!

ZDGE closed yesterday at $2.27 per share.

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