ZDGE Was IDT Spin-Off Like NIA's GNE

NIA previously wrote about how the most secretive success story in Wall Street history is Newark, NJ based IDT Corporation (IDT), because its stock chart doesn't show its history of successful spin-offs, some of which hit market caps far higher than IDT. NIA explained how including the shares of spin-off companies received by IDT shareholders, its earliest investors achieved larger returns on a percentage basis than the earliest investors in Amazon (AMZN).

For example, we mentioned how previous IDT spin-off Straight Path Communications initially began trading at $5 per share and gained by 3,580% to $184 per share where it got acquired by Verizon for $3.1 billion.

On July 3, 2018, NIA suggested IDT spin-off company Genie Energy (GNE) at $5.44 per share. Today, GNE is $15.58 per share up by 186.4% since NIA's suggestion.

Zedge (ZDGE) is an IDT spin-off company just like NIA's GNE, which has become a huge winner!

ZDGE has massive upside and very limited downside!

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