ZDGE Gains 6.36% to $3.01 and Will Be $5+ Shortly

Zedge (ZDGE) gained by 6.36% today to $3.01 per share and will be $5+ per share shortly.

ZDGE's Emojipedia business is growing by 62% year-over-year, yet ZDGE's current market cap is only $43.19 million!

Valentines Day is the #1 biggest boom period of the year for Emojipedia.

ZDGE has $16.7 million in cash and no debt!

ZDGE's enterprise value is only $26.49 million!

ZDGE is trading with an enterprise value of only 0.966X revenue vs. its trailing 7-year median enterprise value/revenue ratio of 1.833!

The Zedge app alone is worth at least $50 million it has over 500 million installations on Android!

Emojipedia is probably worth $20-$30 million more on top of the Zedge app!

ZDGE also owns GuruShots the #1 most popular photo game!

ZDGE is developing new AI apps that will be launching in 2024!

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