ZDGE Gains 24.74% to New 52-Week High of $4.74 Per Share

Zedge (ZDGE) gained by 24.74% today to a new 52-week high of $4.74 per share!

A record number of new investors will learn about ZDGE over the next week as millions of people search for Super Bowl Emojis and Valentines Day Emojis and realize that ZDGE's Emojipedia is the world's #1 largest and fastest growing Emoji company!

Never in world history has a company with 600 million customers had a market cap as low as ZDGE, but by launching its new AI gift generator (click here to use), which is superior to Adobe Firefly and with many additional new AI apps under development and launching soon... ZDGE will be monetizing its userbase in a way that will rapidly grow its revenue and profit margins!

These are the same people who started Straight Path Communications and sold it for $3.1 billion!

When ZDGE breaks $5 per share it will become marginable and will reach $10-$15 per share very quickly!

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