ZDGE Expanding Headcount at Fastest Rate in AI Industry

Zedge (ZDGE) is expanding its headcount at the fastest rate in the AI industry, and nobody realizes it yet but us!

ZDGE's growth initiatives have been under development for years and have only started to roll out in recent months. They will begin to show up in next month's earnings report with growth accelerating in the following quarters!

While people like Mark Zuckerberg talk about AI, and brag about the GPUs they buy from Nvidia (NVDA), he already changed his company's name to Meta and won't admit how terrible of an idea the Metaverse was. We don't trust him to succeed in the AI industry!

ZDGE is really building the world's most advanced AI technologies!

The investors behind ZDGE previously launched Straight Path Communications and sold it for $3.1 billion!

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