Zacatecas Silver (TSXV: ZAC) Was Worth 2X More than Defiance Silver (TSXV: DEF) in December 2022

Zacatecas Silver (TSXV: ZAC)'s peak market cap from April 21, 2022, was $88.38 million vs. its current market cap of $24.88 million.

Defiance Silver (TSXV: DEF)'s peak market cap from May 18, 2021, was $212.66 million vs. its current market cap of $107.578 million.

ZAC's upside potential is 255.22%.

DEF's upside potential is 97.68%.

ZAC has 2.61X more upside potential than DEF based on their current market caps vs. their peak market caps from recent years.

When ZAC's market cap hit $81.78 million on December 14, 2022, DEF was only worth $41 million.

ZAC was worth twice as much as DEF on December 14, 2022. It could happen again in the upcoming months!

Not only is ZAC's CEO the co-founder and former President of K92 Mining (TSX: KNT) one of NIA's largest gaining gold mining stock suggestions in history with a current market cap of $1.8 BILLION+, but the current CEO of KNT is on ZAC's Board of Directors.

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