Zacatecas Silver (TSXV: ZAC) Also Has 1M+ Oz Gold Resource Grading Nearly 1 g/t AuEq

Zacatecas Silver (TSXV: ZAC) in addition to its silver project having a 16.4 Million Oz Silver Equivalent Resource with high grades of 187 g/t AgEq also has a separate gold project with a 1 Million+ Oz Gold Equivalent Resource grading 0.97 g/t AuEq.

ZAC's market cap reached $88.38 million back on April 21, 2022. A return to that market cap would equal a gain of 255.22% from its current share price.

Defiance Silver (TSXV: DEF) only needs to gain by 97.68% to reach its peak market cap from May 18, 2021, of $212.66 million.

ZAC has 2.61X more upside than DEF!

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