Youngkin Takes 5 Point Lead in Virginia

We know for a fact that Virginia Energy Resources (TSXV: VUI) wants the Republican Youngkin to win the Virginia governor's race. Their new lawyer Charles J Cooper is the most powerful Republican attorney.

In the latest brand new poll, Youngkin has taken a 5 point lead in the Virginia race.

"Forty-eight percent of likely voters said they favored Youngkin, while 43 percent said they backed McAuliffe, according to the poll from the University of Mary Washington. Another 2 percent of voters said they favored third-party candidate Princess Blanding." Click here to see for yourself!

Either a favorable ruling in the Virginia supreme court or a Youngkin win would likely result in VUI immediately rising to $3+ per share.

However, recent comments from the Democrat McAuliffe give us hope that he too would now support uranium mining.

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