XAU Makes Ledger and Trezor Irrelevant!

GoldMoney (TSX: XAU)'s newly launched Totenpass technology is 100% unique and superior in many ways to today's Ledger and Trezor Crypto hardware wallets that have been accepted as today's industry standard for Crypto cold storage. Today's Ledger and Trezor wallets are largely pointless and a total ripoff.

Watch a recent YouTube video of somebody explaining how to setup a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet by clicking here. Our link will play the video from 11:20 for an important reason. The YouTuber stresses the need to write down the 24 word backup recovery phrase that the Ledger Nano S wallet gives you when setting it up. This is extremely important because Ledger Nano S wallets break all the time. If the Ledger's battery goes dead it loses your data and without your 24 word seed phrase you can't recover your Crypto.

Unfortunately, most people stick their piece of paper of the 24 word backup recovery phrase with all their other notes and if their dog gets ahold of it or if there is a fire or flood they're screwed. To solve this Ledger recently launched a $99 Cryptosteel Capsule that allows you to protect your backup seed phrase in a piece of steel. Click here to see it for yourself. Although better than a piece of paper if somebody steals the Cryptosteel Capsule they can instantly steal your Bitcoin without needing any access to your Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.

The 24 word seed phrase means EVERYTHING! That is your Crypto wallet right there! If you have a Cryptosteel Capsule containing your 24 word seed phrase you can throw away your Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet you don't need it!

All somebody needs to do is break into your safe and steal your Cryptosteel Capsule and they can instantly take your Bitcoin because the Cryptosteel Capsule itself is not encrypted!

Ledger just became a $1.5 BILLION company after their latest funding roundXAU makes Ledger's technology irrelevant!

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