The World's Top Performing ETF of Last Two Months

The world's #1 best performing U.S. listed non-leveraged ETF (with at least $100m AUM) over the last two months has been Tuttle Capital Short Innovation ETF (SARK) with a gain of 37.58%. No other ETF has gained anywhere close to SARK. If you didn't know, SARK is a new ETF that listed two months ago and does the exact opposite of Cathie Wood. It is the inverse of ARKK.

We're bringing this up to try to wake up anybody out there who actually believes Raoul Pal of RealVision is a brilliant person who will be right about the Cryptocurrency market surpassing all global stock market equities combined in market cap.

On August 31, 2021, @RealVision tweeted:

Scenario: You’ve been given $10 million to invest in its entirety on stocks & crypto for a period of 1 year.

Goal: Lose it all.

Condition: If your balance doesn't fall by a minimum of 95%, you can't keep the $10 million.

What does your portfolio look like?

Raoul Pal @RaoulGMI replied:

"Love this! I'll take the new inverse ARKK ETF..."

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