Will Raoul Pal Save RealVision Before It's Too Late!?

Raoul Pal's RealVision which at one point provided informative economic content from respectable people... recently went off the deep end into Crypto and began shilling $%*tcoins to its subscribers while promoting the Celsius ponzi scheme at a recent event in Las Vegas. After urging his followers to go all in on Crypto altcoins at a peak this year Raoul Pal is now doubling down on Crypto by saying it will be worth $250 trillion by 2030 or 100X current levels: click here to see for yourself. A few months from now, Raoul Pal will be trying to save RealVision by steering RealVision subscribers into gold, but by then it will be too late. His credibility will already be destroyed unless he begins to talk honestly with people today about Tether and their printing of $78 billion worth of unbacked USDT tokens which were used to washtrade Cryptocurrencies up to artificially high unsustainable prices.