Will Lebron's Crypto.com Arena Exist in One Month?

How much longer will Lebron James be playing in the Crypto.com Arena? The Crypto.com Coin (CRO) is down 18% this morning and tanking harder than the Lakers!

Sam Bankman-Fried originally wanted to name his hedge fund $hitcoin Daytraders Inc. but compliance wouldn't accept him for a bank account. He went with Alameda Research because, "everybody likes research".

Back on July 6th, we did a parody of Voyager CEO Stephen Ehrlich begging Sam Bankman-Fried for Voyager's Crypto back.

As part of our parody we said, "By the way Sam, the Toronto Stock Exchange called and said that you now own over 10% of our company after you bought more shares with Tethers, but you failed to publicly file as a 10% shareholder. If you don't pay the Crypto back immediately Sam, everybody will find out about the loan, because as a 10% shareholder you will be required to publicly disclose it! They might assume the worst Sam... they might believe that Alameda/FTX is just as insolvent as we are! If you can't afford to pay us back the Crypto right now Sam, you can at least give back a few million Voyager shares so that you are no longer a 10% shareho... ohhh OK you will?? Why because our stock is worthless?? But what about the Crypto you owe us??? ***Click*** Hello, Sam?! Are you there???"

As the Crypto ecosystem collapses, gold will continue to skyrocket and NIA members who own shares of Augusta Gold (TSX: G) will make a fortune.

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