Why VUI is Much Bigger Opportunity than UUUU

Energy Fuels Inc (UUUU)'s 15 U.S. uranium projects have a total measured & indicated uranium resource of 80 million lbs and the company's current market cap is US$1.58 billion.

Virginia Energy Resources (TSXV: VUI)'s 1 U.S. uranium project has a measured & indicated uranium resource of 132.93 million lbs and the company's current market cap is US$43 million.

UUUU owns approximately 15% of VUI but the company is not going to sell the other 85% to UUUU unless they pay a huge premium above VUI's current share price.

UUUU can afford to pay double, triple, or quadruple VUI's current share price and it would still be very accretive to UUUU.

By UUUU acquiring the rest of VUI it doesn't already own their total U.S. uranium resource would instantly increase by 166%.

VUI is our second favorite resource stock after North Peak Resources (TSXV: NPR).

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