Why Is Taylor Swift So Popular?

We have always wondered why Taylor Swift is so popular and have never been able to figure it out.

If you enjoy NIA's stock suggestions that come from us researching more companies than anybody else in the world, you might also enjoy the videos on YouTube of Dr. Todd Grande. He doesn't talk about stocks or economics, but we consider him to be the closest comparison to NIA because he does in-depth research on more people than anybody else in the world. We admire his ability to always give his honest opinion from a nonpartisan unbiased perspective, which is something that NIA always strives to do as well.

For example, we think both Democrats and Republicans are equally horrible and pray that Americans give Mr. Kennedy their consideration when voting this year without automatically dismissing him simply because he isn't a member of their preferred party. NIA is apolitical and we are not going to tell you who to vote for. We are sure Taylor Swift will tell all of her "Swifties" to vote for Biden and most of her "Swifties" will blindly follow, which is very dangerous for our country, but we don't hate Taylor Swift and respect her for achieving great success. One of our closest friends Michael Lewis is someone who we jokingly call a liberal extremist, but we don't hate him for having his views. The Rock is also a liberal extremist, and we are still a fan of his work.

Listening to Dr. Grande discuss Taylor Swift in his brand-new video, as we continue to research dozens of companies as we do every day hoping to one day discover another stock that will achieve gains similar to the gains that Rusoro Mining (TSXV: RML), One Stop Systems (OSS), Augusta Gold (TSX: G), and Zedge (ZDGE) will achieve this year... we realize that Dr. Grande pulled off another masterful performance by helping us understand why Taylor Swift is popular, and doing so in a respectful way that won't offend her "Swifties".

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