Why NPR Could Become 10-Bagger

North Peak Resources (TSXV: NPR)'s new CEO Brian A Hinchcliffe has been the #1 most successful CEO in the gold mining industry over the last 20 years.

In 2001, Brian A Hinchcliffe founded Kirkland Lake Gold and became CEO of the company a position that he kept for 12 years! In 2001, Kirkland Lake Gold had an initial market cap of $10 million but by 2011... Brian built it into a $1.2 billion market cap company! Between 2001 and 2011 with Brian as CEO of Kirkland Lake Gold its share price increased from $1 per share up to $17 per share!

Kirkland Lake Gold has been the gold industry's #1 biggest success story of the last two decades! Today it is an $11.45 billion company trading on the TSX for $43 per share! Kirkland Lake Gold currently operates 2 of the world's top 3 highest grade gold mines!

After stepping down as CEO of Kirkland Lake GoldBrian A Hinchcliffe was determined to repeat his success once again! On March 24, 2016, Brian A Hinchcliffe was appointed the new President & CEO of Rupert Resources (TSXV: RUP). At the time, RUP was trading for $0.23 per share with a market cap of only $13.41 million and had no cash! Within less than eleven months of taking over RUP as President & CEO, RUP's share price on February 14, 2017 hit $1.47 per share where its market cap initially reached $120.11 million! Not only did RUP gain by 539.13% within less than 11 months of Brian A Hinchcliffe taking over as President & CEO of RUP but he also successfully raised $8 million in cash for the company!

A few months ago on October 14, 2020, RUP hit a new all-time high of $6.20 per share where its market cap surpassed $1 BILLION!

After taking two straight companies from a market cap of $10-$13 million to a market cap of over $1 BILLIONBrian A Hinchcliffe is now determined to repeat his success for a third time at NPR! 

NPR only has 20 million shares outstanding for a market cap at $0.82 per share of $16.4 million! NPR already has $7 million in cash so its enterprise value is less than $10 million! NPR has optioned a gold exploration project that has the Kirkland Lake Main Fault going through its property! This is the same fault that led to Brian A Hinchcliffe discovering North America's highest grade gold mine!

NIA's President Gerard Adams plans to profit 7 figures on NPR!

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