Where NPR Is Drilling Right Now

If you look at where North Peak Resources (TSXV: NPR) is drilling right now, instead of drilling from the North Peak of the mountain they are using the side portal access to be able to directly target anomalies below the historical high grade 22 g/t Diamond gold mine in the CRD district of Eureka, NV directly south of $575 million market cap i-80 Gold (TSX: IAU)'s high grade deposits at Ruby Hill.

These drill holes are going through not only the IP anomaly, but also the Mobile MT anomaly at a greater depth, which just so happens to line up perfectly with the Gravity Anomaly!

There is a skill shortage in the mining industry because everybody wants to become a YouTuber or TikToker. NPR's CEO Brian Hinchcliffe decided that because drilling is more expensive today than ever before it is only worth exploring where there is a high likelihood of making extremely high-grade discoveries similar to what he did at Kirkland Lake Gold with the Macassa Mine.

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