When SBF Gave Back Voyager Stock For Free

Remember when Sam Bankman-Fraud gave back Voyager Digital stock for free because he found out that he accidentally went over 10% ownership? Going over 10% ownership would have required him to file with Canadian regulators disclosing all of his secret loans from Voyager Digital and everybody would have found out months in advance that FTX and Alameda Research had borrowed over $1 billion from Voyager Digital to help cover up its balance sheet hole.

All the Saudi National Bank said is that it can't invest more into Credit Suisse (CS) because it would go over 10% ownership, and the Saudis would have to disclose all of their secret accounts and business dealings with CS. The U.S. mainstream media ran with sensational headlines saying the Saudis won't invest more into CS insinuating that the Saudis have some special insight that CS must be ready to go bust. The U.S. mainstream media was purposely trying to damage CS by creating a bank run as a way to strengthen the U.S. dollar. It is no different than blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline. It is no different than Hindenburg's attack against the Adani Group.

There is an economic war taking place to try to keep the U.S. dollar artificially propped up.