We Tried to Educate Michael Lewis and Help Him Write Good Book but Failed

We tried our best doing everything possible to educate Michael Lewis about so many different things for his SBF book, but he just didn't care about any of it. Years ago, we tried our best to convince him to write a book exposing the naked short selling that was taking place on Wall Street. We had multiple conference calls between he and Patrick Byrne, but Michael didn't believe anything Patrick said to him.

Michael later told us, "You are going to be very happy I am writing a short selling book like you wanted", but the book was about Michael Burry and not Patrick Byrne. Patrick's Overstock won huge settlements from Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. Everything Patrick said was proven to be true.

One of the first things we told Michael earlier this year... if you want to write a good SBF book, you need to find out from him what happened to the $30 billion+ in Tether (USDT) that got sent to Alameda Research. There is no evidence that SBF ever paid a penny for the $30 billion+ in USDT that got sent to Alameda.

Michael kept asking us about Marc Cohodes and if we thought CZ was paying him to attack SBF or if we thought Marc Cohodes was naked short the FTT token. Apparently, SBF believed CZ was paying Marc Cohodes to attack him vs. Michael Lewis believing he was naked short the token. We told Michael that we believe he was attacking FTX/SBF for "clout" to grow his social media following for when he would eventually be proven right that FTX would collapse. Michael then said, "But how could he have known FTX was going to collapse? I think he got lucky!" We then explained to him that we were talking on NIA about how FTX was going to collapse many months beforehand because it was so obvious. Michael then said it was Alameda that was the problem and not FTX, which we thought was a stupid viewpoint to have because they are the same thing. He acted like FTX was this healthy, successful, and profitable business and nobody could have seen this coming.