We Told You Logan Paul is Biggest Rug Puller of All

On May 8th NIA sent out an alert entitled, 'Logan Paul is the Biggest Rug Puller of All'.

In this alert NIA said:

"Gary Vee is a very good person at heart who has simply gone off the deep end into NFTs and is going to cause great financial losses for all of his followers. NIA's President is a close friend of Gary and considers him to be the least bad person in the NFT space because he is at least trying very very very hard to keep Veefriends floor prices inflated for as long as possible.

Logan Paul, for example, who frequently has Gary on as a guest on Impaulsive to warn people about all of the rug pulls out there... is actually the biggest rug puller of all. Logan tricked his followers into buying 10,000 NFT eggs called CryptoZoo that would hatch into zoo animals and earn you free Crypto tokens daily of a new Cryptocurrency that would be called $ZOO. You would be able to breed your CryptoZoo animals together to create new "hybrid eggs" and release the newly hatched hybrid animals "into the wild" to earn even larger amounts of $ZOO. Unfortunately, after Logan's followers spent millions of dollars on JPEGs of the same egg, the eggs never hatched and Logan Paul has never once mentioned CryptoZoo again (he even banned his followers from mentioning the word CryptoZoo on his Discord)."

Today, everybody is talking about Logan Paul's CryptoZoo! Nobody is ever going to invest into Crypto/NFTs again!

Watch CoffeeZilla (Stephen Findeisen)'s newly released 3-part docuseries about Logan Paul's CryptoZoo:

Logan promised last night that he will address the allegations about his CryptoZoo scam on January 3rd.