VYGR Hits $3.33 for Gain of 455%!

Voyager Digital (CSE: VYGR) hit a new all-time high today of $3.33 per share for a gain of 455% from NIA's initial June 10th suggestion price of $0.60 per share. Outside of NIA's membership base very few investors are aware of VYGR. When NIA first suggested VYGR on June 10th, its U.S. OTCQB symbol VYGVF traded record volume for the day of 608,981 shares or 6.77X above average. Although VYGVF is today averaging volume of 542,958 shares per day, this is still very low volume compared to NASDAQ traded companies like Riot Blockchain (RIOT).

RIOT burned through $60 million in cash during the two year period of 2018-2019 alone with nothing to show for it. RIOT's 3,800 AntMiner S9s that it paid $5,100+ each for are now selling on eBay for $70 per machine. At one point, RIOT tried to launch its own Cryptocurrency exchange but their efforts were a complete disaster and the company gave up. Somehow RIOT has a market cap today of $750 million and is trading an average of 26 million shares per day.

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