VRME Surpasses Short and Long-Term Key Breakout Points!

NIA first suggested VerifyMe (VRME) on June 8th at $3.80 per share and early this afternoon we sent out a VRME update at $3.96 per share.

This afternoon, VRME surpassed its short and long-term key breakout points and closed up by 4.53% to $4.15 per share!

VRME's long-term key breakout point was $4 per share. On December 28, 2020, VRME had resistance at $4 per share, but when VRME finally surpassed and closed above $4 per share on January 13, 2021, VRME exploded in the following days/weeks to hit a new all-time high on February 9, 2021 of $6.40 per share!

VRME's short-term key breakout point was $4.10 per share. Prior to today, VRME had been trending higher for six weeks in a narrow ascending channel. By closing above $4.10 per share, VRME has broken out of the channel and could be ready to make a much faster move higher!

VRME also surpassed and closed above its 100-day moving average of $4.14 per share!

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