VRME Could Breakout

On June 8th, NIA suggested the NASDAQ company VerifyMe (VRME) at $3.80. It is currently trading for $3.96 and could breakout. VRME has a huge cash position of $15.35 million. VRME has huge upside potential due to its 104.3% revenue growth last quarter!

VRME's VerifyInk™ can be used to print invisible marks on products, which can then be scanned by a small handheld detection device to authenticate the mark and product. Since counterfeiters cannot see that mark, they are unable to accurately reproduce the manufacturer’s packaging.

VerifyInk™ can also be deployed to embed invisible serial numbers and/or QR codes onto packaging or labels, that are then linked to a robust track and trace system. This code can then be located, scanned, and interpreted, and the data recorded using the VerifyChecker™ device.

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