US Coking Coal Hits $300 for First Time Ever!

U.S. Hampton Roads coking coal prices have just gained another $10 to a new all-time high of $300 per tonne! Click here to see for yourself!

Morien Resources (TSXV: MOX)'s 2%-4% gross production royalty in the Donkin Coking Coal Mine based on an average annual production rate of 2.75 million tonnes of coking coal and an estimated average royalty of 2.54545% is now on track to generate annual royalties from Donkin of $26.33 million!

At MOX's closing price today of only $0.45 per share it has a current market cap of $22.91 million. After subtracting $5 million from MOX's market cap for its cash position and Vulcan Materials (VMC) Black Point Aggregate Project royalty, MOX is currently receiving only $17.91 million in value for its Donkin royalty!

MOX is more undervalued today than ever before! MOX's Donkin royalty is currently being valued at only 0.68X estimated annual royalty revenue! Typically, mining royalties are always worth 10X annual royalty revenue or higher!

MOX hasn't come close to seeing its high for 2021! We could get public confirmation that Donkin is reopening any day now!

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