U.S. and China Battling for Military AI Supremacy

It looks like this week's emergency military AI meetings in Washington to accelerate America's military AI program could be related to China claiming to have made an AI breakthrough that will allow the Chinese military to "detect and lock on to enemy signals at unprecedented speeds, decode their physical parameters almost instantly and effectively suppress them while ensuring the smooth flow of their communications" according to a new article published today (click here to read).

This is why One Stop Systems (OSS) is the most important of all publicly traded AI companies!

This initial OSS contract that it won from $16.81 billion market cap defense contractor Leidos (LDOS) is to "power an emerging specialized mobile AI signal collection application" according to the November 14th press release of OSS (click here to read).

The U.S. and China are battling for military AI supremacy and OSS is perfectly positioned to capitalize most!

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