U.S. 10-1 Year Yield Spread Still Inverted by 85 Basis Points

The U.S. 10-1 Year Yield Spread remains inverted by 85 basis points.

Ever since it became inverted by more than 40 basis points in August 2022, gold has consistently achieved positive forward 12-month returns in a range of 5.45% up to 21.87%, which far exceeds what you can earn by owning T-Bills.

When the U.S. 10-1 Year Yield Spread is inverted by 40 basis points or more with an inexpensive gold price of less than 5% of M2 Money Supply Per Capita, gold achieves an average forward 12-month gain of 59.18%. From where gold is trading today it will most likely begin to achieve 59.18% returns over the next 12 months.