Urgent NIA Update - Read Right Away!

On Wednesday morning, NIA sent out a major update about its #1 overall stock suggestion for 2019, Fiore Gold (TSXV: F). NIA predicted on Wednesday morning with Fiore at $0.31 per share that it could be getting ready to double or triple in share price within days!

After gaining by $0.035 or 11.29% to $0.345 per share on Wednesday, Fiore gained another $0.02 or 5.8% on Thursday to $0.365 per share! Fiore has already gained by $0.055 or 17.74% in two trading days on HUGE two day volume of 845,568 shares!

This was Fiore's second highest two day volume in history! Fiore's highest ever volume over a two day period occurred between Friday, November 23rd and Monday, November 26th, when Fiore traded a record 1,033,252 shares while gaining $0.045 or 14.52% to $0.355 per share!

Despite Fiore's record two day volume from November of 1,033,252 shares being 22.2% higher than its volume over these past two days of 845,568 shares, Fiore's gain over these past two days of $0.055 per share was 22.22% higher than its November two day gain of $0.045 per share! This is an EXTREMELY bullish sign that there are very few sellers left in the market. Fiore's supply of stock is drying up very fast. NIA is confident that Fiore Gold could explode to new 52-week highs of above $0.59 per share next week!