Urgent NIA Update - Must Read Immediately!

We have two urgent topics to briefly discuss in this alert...
At 3PMEDT today, NIA will be issuing an urgent must read report about its new #1 California CBD stock suggestion Alternate Health (CSE: AHG). NIA will explain how AHG has officially now become only the second publicly traded U.S. company in the CBD-infused products space that has obtained the ability to legally make medical claims on the packaging of its over-the-counter (OTC) medical grade CBD-infused products for pain relief! For 99% of AHG's competitors, they would be breaking FDA laws if they make claims that their CBD-infused products can relieve pain!
We will be comparing AHG's current market cap to their only direct competitor that has also achieved the right to legally make medical claims that their CBD-infused products achieve actual pain relief! AHG's only direct competitor has just closed on a MASSIVE private placement a few days ago that was 130% oversubscribed. For comparison, NIA's previous #1 California cannabis stock suggestion Transcanna (CSE: TCAN) closed on a private placement that was 60% oversubcribed and TCAN exploded by 159.67% from NIA's suggestion price! AHG's competitor is now worth over US$200 million or 23.5X its 2018 revenue - a multiple that would value AHG at US$329 million based on its newly acquired Blaine Labs generating more than US$14 million in 2018 revenue!
On an entirely different topic... you probably all heard about the May 2nd IPO of Beyond Meat (BYND), which raised $240.625 million at $25 per share but immediately gapped up by $21 or 84% to open  May 2nd at $46 per share and finished its first day up $40.75 or 163% to $65.75 per share. Two weeks later, BYND peaked at a high of $96.78 per share up 287.12% from its IPO price - with its market cap reaching $5.56 billion or 63X its trailing twelve month revenue of $87.93 million. After dipping 20.69% to a low on Monday of $76.76 per share, it immediately bounced by $5.34 or 6.96% to close yesterday at $82.10 per share and is rallying big once again this morning!
BYND has developed a way to produce meat directly from plants without killing any animals. Carl's Jr has just launched a Beyond Burger using BYND's plant-based meat and it looks and tastes exactly like a hamburger made with real meat. Although BYND is extremely overvalued and we wouldn't buy the stock under any circumstances, BYND represents the beginning of a major new trend that threatens the beef industry! Already, the beef industry is suing BYND to remove the word meat from their plant-based foods, with the U.S. Cattlemen's Association filing a 15-page petition with the USDA requesting that it define the word "meat" so that it cannot be used to label products that do not contain animal flesh!
With BYND having the most successful IPO of the decade, private competitor Impossible Foods on May 13th announced a new $300 million venture captial round of funding and Burger King just announced that it will begin offering the Impossible Burger!
How are these companies making their plant-based meat? Using pea protein, but there is a major shortage of this important raw material. NIA has discovered a company Burcon Nutrascience (TSX: BU) that has dozens of patents covering all of the most efficient methods for extracting protein from peas and the company has just entered into a major joint-venture agreement to build one of the world's largest pea and canola protein production facilities. It will initially process 20,000 tonnes of peas per year starting in mid-2020 to produce BU's Peazazz® and Peazac™ pea proteins, as well as BU's Supertein®, Puratein® and Nutratein® canola proteins.
BU is a steal here at $0.80 per share and we believe will become a $2-3 per share stock by year-end! Along with AHG, we believe BU will become one of the largest gainers of the month of June!
Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. NIA is not an investment advisor and does not provide investment advice. Always do your own research and make your own investment decisions. This message is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. NIA is receiving compensation from AHG of USD$40,000 cash for a one-month marketing contract. Never make investment decisions based on anything NIA says. This message is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice.