To Understand Where TGLO is Going

Take a look at how Tellurian (TELL) traded on the specific date of August 3, 2016, back when its merger was made official. It went from $1.20 to $5 per share in a single day and TELL still hasn't made a Final Investment Decision six years later. TELL was never meant to make a Final Investment Decision. TELL's CEO did a better job at putting his TELL shares up as collateral to raise money to build a resort in Aspen Colorado that he actually spent most of his time developing (not the Driftwood LNG Project which was always a scam and never meant to be developed). After TELL's merger was completed, it hit $20+ in February 2017, but those prices were never seen again.

Imagine where (TGLO) will soon be trading considering that its parent company Delfin Midstream is 1,000X higher quality than TELL with a real LNG project. Delfin will make its Final Investment Decision by year-end before merging into TGLO!

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