TSX Venture Composite Index Must Gain by 517.29%

The TSX Venture Composite Index gained by 1.84% on Friday as we enter into its seasonal strong period of December, January, and February, which on average are the best three months of the year for the TSX Venture Composite Index. Despite it gaining by 1.84% on Friday, it must gain another 517.29% to return to its all-time high from May 2007.

Gold prices peaked in 2011 at $1,895 per oz because the TSX Venture Composite Index hit 3,372 in May 2007 allowing for large capital expenditures in the gold exploration sector and the discovery and development of many new gold mines.

Today, with the TSX Venture Composite Index at 546.26, there are no small-cap gold companies with gold assets in low-risk jurisdictions that are fully permitted and ready to be developed except for Augusta Gold (TSX: G), which will gain by 1,000%+ in the upcoming months.

Despite gold hitting a new all-time high it is still inexpensive relative to all other assets. If the gold price was high, the TSX Venture Composite Index would already be at 3,372 today.

Gold has never hit a peak with a low TSX Venture Composite Index. It is because the TSX Venture Composite Index is low that gold will continue to rise.

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