Try XAU's Newly Launched Totenpass for Yourself

Go to the web site for GoldMoney (TSX: XAU)'s newly launched Totenpass. To create an encrypted Bitcoin wallet you need to access the Totenpass web site directly from an Android or IOS web browser.

Click "get started".

Select your preferred Totenpass size.

Choose landscape or portrait (it doesn't matter which one).

Click the down arrow at the top and afterwards click "encrypt data".

Enter the text you want to encrypt such as your Bitcoin seed phrase or private key.

Press encrypt.

Enter a passphrase and confirm that passphrase.

Click "Encrypt and upload QR".

Your encrypted QR code will now be added to your Totenpass.

If you click settings and select "show realistic color" it will show you exactly how your gold totenpass will look when it arrives in real life.

You can repeat the process to add multiple Bitcoin wallets to a single Totenpass.

After finalizing your Totenpass it arrives within 3 business days.

There are no moving parts so it won't ever break like today's Trezor or Ledger wallets that most people use for cold storage.

You can also createTotenpass to store all of your Instagram photos so that they aren't lost forever if Facebook goes down for good.

In 2022 the Totenpass app will launch that will allow you to instantly convert data on a Totenpass back to digital format on your smartphone.

NIA's President will be ordering a Totenpass today and providing an unbiased review on Instagram and YouTube after it arrives.

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