The Truth About Ukraine

The current conflict in Ukraine began in late-2013 when John McCain worked together with Obama's State Department and the CIA to orchestrate a coup of Ukraine's democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych (who had been in office since 2010) by backing a group of violent far-right insurrectionists.

On December 15, 2013, McCain gave a speech (click here to watch it) in Kyiv to incite the insurrectionists into overturning Ukraine's democratically elected government. Minutes after his speech, McCain appeared live on CNN and got asked, "What is it that you're trying to do here?" McCain admitted that he was trying to destroy Ukraine's democracy by inciting"peaceful transition".

McCain tried to justify his backing of the insurrectionists by calling them a "grassroots revolution" and saying they are "peaceful except for when the government cracks down on them." McCain justified his desire to install a fascist Anti-Russia puppet government by explaining, "Russia without Ukraine is an eastern power but with Ukraine is a western power." CNN asked McCain if he wanted the administration to "consider sanctions to help boost" the insurrectionists. McCain replied, "I don't think that you can view this as anything but our traditional support for people who want a free and democratic society we're not talking about military action or blockades we're talking about the possibility of sanctions if they continue to brutally repress their people."

A few weeks later, the violent CIA-funded insurrectionists invaded the home of Yanukovych and forced him to flee the country. Obama's Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt hand-picked Ukraine's post-coup leaders. In a leaked audio recording between the two, Nuland said, "Fuck the EU" believing that they had the right to decide on Ukraine's new puppet government without any input from EU leaders.

Over the last eight years, Russian speaking citizens in eastern regions of Ukraine have been under constant attack by Ukrainian troops. In 2018, the democratically elected Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic in eastern Ukraine, Alexander Zakharchenko, was assassinated (click here to see it) in a bombing at a cafe in Donetsk. The U.S. mainstream media refused to report on this dastardly attack, but within hours of the bombingAmbassador Kurt Volker announced that the U.S. would dramatically increase its military assistance to Ukraine, a clear sign that Washington approved this act of terrorism as a way to resume hostilities in the region.