Trust the Market

The market is telling us that (TGLO) has much further to run. Look at the massive volume TGLO traded in late-2017/early-2018 compared to the relatively low volume TGLO is trading today. Whoever bought all of those shares back then believes TGLO is going much higher.

When TGLO's CEO Frederick Jones got back from China with President Trump in late-2017, even though he was promised billions of dollars in financing from the Chinese, he did not believe them. He was smart enough to know that they were trying to impress Trump and had no intention of following through. Frederick Jones after having previously co-founded Glencore a $200 billion+ revenue company was not going to take Delfin Midstream public until everything was officially a 100% done deal so he acquired control of TGLO in December 2017 to be able to quickly go public when the Final Investment Decision is made, but never expected it to be made in 2018. He always knew that natural gas prices would need to rise significantly higher. Today, with European countries desperately in need of Delfin Midstream's LNG, and the Delfin LNG Project having the industry's lowest initial CAPEX of only $550/TPA... Delfin Midstream expects to make their Final Investment Decision before year-end!

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