AI (CSE: TRUE) Gains 8.79% to $0.99 Up 39.44% Since NIA's Suggestion

NIA's latest brand-new AI stock suggestion AI (CSE: TRUE) gained by 8.79% today to $0.99 per share for a gain so far of 39.44% since NIA's suggestion at $0.71 per share!

TRUE has developed the world’s most intelligent, personalized healthcare AI engine, the Global Library of Medicine. It is growing rapidly and currently comprises 1,000 of the most common clinically seen illnesses and over 10,000 symptoms and risk factors. TRUE's AI platform is so accurate that a non-medical student using TRUE's medical diagnostic software for the OSCE exam achieved a 92% success rate.

TRUE has partnered with both the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota, and its AI platform is being used to train medical students and help make quick, accurate diagnoses in hospitals. TRUE's Medical Education Suite provides case-based clinical decision-making testing, grading and remedial action support for the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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