Three Arrows Capital Was Named After Shinzo Abe

Not many people know this but Three Arrows Capital the firm that just went bust and caused many Crypto investors to lose their life savings, was named after Shinzo Abe's Three Arrows of Abenomics. When NIA's President was a kid learning about the stock market one of the people who trained him about trading/investing up in Montvale, NJ, was a man by the name of Harvey Houtkin who was an early advocate of creating a level playing field for investors on Wall Street. Harvey created the Small Order Execution System (SOES) allowing small retail investors to have direct access to the best executions in the market. Prior to Harvey creating SOES, market makers could cheat investors by placing a high bid price that they never intended to fill to jack up a company's share price.

After becoming known as the SOES Bandit, Harvey founded All-Tech Direct, which became America's #1 largest daytrading firm. Unfortunately, on July 29, 1999, during the dot-com bubble, a daytrader by the name of Mark O. Barton lost all of his money and shot up Harvey's Atlanta All-Tech office killing twelve innocent daytraders.

We are not saying that the assassination of Shinzo Abe has anything to do with Three Arrows Capital going bust and Crypto investors going broke... but Japanese investors are heavily into Crypto.