TGLO's Short-Term Gains Will Be Massive

Read this Natural Gas Intel article entitled, 'LNG Buyers Said Still Hunting for U.S. Volumes, but Project Costs, Complications Are Rising' by clicking here.

According to the article, "One of the major issues has been the fear of inflation, which Tan said has caused buyers to pause signing contracts for the moment if a project isn’t going to reach a final investment decision (FID) in the next three months. Without signs that a company can secure financing, there’s no point to it because the bid validity will be outdated before FID is reached due to increasing construction and labor costs."

The fact that (TGLO)'s parent company Delfin Midstream signed with Vitol in July, Centrica in August, and Devon Energy in September must mean that these HUGE companies all know for a fact that Delfin Midstream WILL make its Final Investment Decision within the next three months followed by Delfin Midstream merging into TGLO!

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