TGLO Gains by 6.3% to $0.27 Per Share! (TGLO) gained by 6.3% today to $0.27 per share on extremely strong volume of 744,731 shares!

Delfin Midstream owns the majority of TGLO and we expect a positive Final Investment Decision to be announced by Delfin Midstream for the construction of America's first floating LNG export facility before year-end followed by a reverse merger into TGLO! We expect Delfin Midstream to become America's next multi-billion-dollar market cap LNG exporter!

TGLO was as high as $48.50 per share in 1998 so it won't take much volume for TGLO to break $1 per share in the upcoming weeks! Glencore Co-Founder and TGLO CEO Frederick Jones knows that TGLO is the world's most perfectly aged shell to reverse merge Delfin Midstream into if they want to have Delfin Midstream quickly catch up to Cheniere Energy (LNG)'s market cap! TGLO's publicly traded float is extremely tightly held, and we believe the current float is likely to remain the publicly traded float that initially exists post-merger!

According to Reuters, Delfin Midstream two weeks ago signed an $8.47 BILLION contract to supply its liquefied natural gas to the United Kingdom! Click here to see for yourself!

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