Tether Resumes Money Printing Four Days After NIA's Crypto Bailout Alert

Tether (USDT) has just resumed money printing for the first time in 2022. One hour ago, Tether printed $1 billion USDT out of thin air. This is not surprising at all to NIA members. In NIA's Saturday evening alert entitled 'The Crypto Bailout' we discussed how Jump Crypto jumped to bail out Wormhole account holders who were hacked last week for 120,000 wrapped Ethereum (wETH) tokens worth $320 million. NIA said that there was absolutely no way Jump Crypto would agree to do this with $320 million of their own money! We pointed out how Jump Crypto was the #1 largest recipient during the past year of newly printed unbacked Tether (USDT) tokens on the Solana blockchain. NIA predicted on Saturday evening, "Look for Jump Crypto to be repaid in the form of additional newly printed Tether tokens in the near future." It is already happening only four days after NIA's alert! The reimbursement to Jump Crypto of the bailout funds appears to be taking place through FTX, with $200 million already sent to FTX during the past hour. FTX is the largest investor behind the centralized scam Solana and they couldn't afford to see Solana collapse as a result of the Wormhole hack, with Wormhole being the bridge between the Solana and Ethereum blockchains. Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin previously warned about the "fundamental security limits of bridges" making them vulnerable to hacks and he was proven 100% correct!