Tellurium is the Next Cobalt/Lithium

We are going to make an official prediction right now that tellurium is the next lithium/cobalt.

If you understand the fundamentals of the tellurium market, you will realize that it is similar to cobalt, where supplies are concentrated in a small number of foreign countries (mainly China) and most of it gets produced as a byproduct of base metals.

With Pelosi touching down in Taiwan, there is a very good chance that China will cut off tellurium exports to the U.S.

Right now, First Solar (FSLR) is the only large solar company that relies on tellurium for its solar modules, but CdTe modules are the most advanced form of solar technology and FSLR in 2023 will launch production at its new Ohio factory, which will MULTIPLY the company's demand for tellurium.

There is NO futures market for tellurium. The price gets set by a small group of Chinese companies. Right now, tellurium is priced LOWER than it was in 2005!

Name another commodity trading for below its 2005 price... you can't!

When FSLR first ramped up its CdTe solar production in 2007, tellurium prices exploded 6X higher within 12 months!

In 2023, FSLR will see a CdTe solar production ramp up similar to 2007!

First Tellurium (CSE: FTEL) is the only way for investors to capitalize on tellurium.

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