Tell Friends/Family About AIR this Weekend!

Clean Air Metals (TSXV: AIR) had a HUGE first day of trading on Friday closing at $0.36 per share on extremely strong volume of 5,438,863 shares. NIA has been predicting for the past two months straight that AIR will become the #1 hottest TSX Venture IPO of 2020 similar to how our Hive Blockchain (TSXV: HIVE) was the #1 hottest TSX Venture IPO of 2017. For comparison, when HIVE went public on September 18, 2017 it traded slightly higher first day volume of 5,915,622 shares but HIVE had a lot more shares outstanding.

AIR's first day volume on Friday of 5,438,863 shares was equal to 4.3% of its shares outstanding of 126,299,266.

HIVE's first day volume on September 18, 2017 of 5,915,622 shares was equal to 2.61% of its shares outstanding of 226,584,760.

This is a very good sign that AIR could become the 2020 version of HIVE. If you weren't an NIA member in 2017, HIVE within 7 weeks of its IPO gained by 603% from its first day closing price! We are not predicting that AIR will gain by 603% over the next seven weeks from Friday's closing price of $0.36 per share, but then again we never expected HIVE to gain as much as it did in 2017! HIVE's November 3, 2017 high was 2.25X above the price that we said it could potentially reach by year-end 2017!

AIR's current market cap is only CAD$45.47 million or USD$32.48 million with an enterprise value of CAD$35.47 million or USD$25.34 million!

AIR on Friday officially launched its Phase 1 drilling campaign at Escape Lake! We originally only expected AIR to drill 13 holes in Phase 1 but AIR announced on Friday that it will be drilling between 15 and 20 holes totaling 10,000m! Never before in history do we recall a mining company with a valuation this low that we were 1,000% confident is about to achieve multiple exceptional intercepts in their maiden drilling campaign!

Between 2011 and 2012, Rio Tinto the previous operator of Escape Lake tested this deposit with 6 drill holes and on average they intercepted 39m of 5.50 g/t palladium equivalent (based on current metals prices)! Rio Tinto's worst drill hole targeting this deposit intercepted 30m of 3.72 g/t palladium equivalentRio Tinto's best drill hole targeting this deposit intercepted 33.39m of 8.39 g/t palladium equivalent.

Even Rio Tinto's worst drill hole targeting this deposit was absolutely exceptional! Imagine how high AIR will rise in the weeks ahead if it reports 10 or more exceptional drill holes! Be sure to tell your friends/family about AIR this weekend because they will be thanking you big time very soon!

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