Stop Blaming Biden

Everybody should stop blaming Biden for what happened in Afghanistan, because he is no less of a puppet President than President Ghani was in Afghanistan before leaving the country with so much U.S. dollar cash that it wouldn't fit in four cars and a helicopter causing him to abandon some of the cash on the tarmac. They were both installed into office for the benefit of the Military Industrial Complex. Trump had to be removed because the Middle East had become too stable.

The chaos in Afghanistan was created on purpose because the Military Industrial Complex benefits from it. There simply is no other explanation for leaving thousands of unguarded machine guns and billions of dollars worth of military equipment throughout the country. It is exactly like one year ago when pallets of bricks were left throughout the cities where BLM protests were taking place even though there were no construction projects in the area. It is exactly like CNN paying provocateurs to storm the Capitol after the Capitol Police unlock the doors and open the gates. It is exactly like these same paid provocateurs smashing the windows to the Speaker's Lobby door leading to Ashli Babbitt being assassinated. It was most likely also CNN who paid for the construction of the gallows that was outside of the Capitol, which happened to have its noose perfectly aligned with the Statue of Freedom located atop of the Capitol Dome for the benefit of the mainstream media.

Now they are looking to import thousands of "refugees" almost all of them male with no way of knowing if they were members of the Taliban one month ago before shaving their beards as a way to sneak into the United States!