Stephen Ehrlich Begging Sam Bankman-Fried for Crypto Back

Here is NIA's guess of what Voyager Digital (TSX: VOYG) CEO Stephen Ehrlich probably said to Sam Bankman-Fried on a phone conversation last month to try to get Alameda Research to repay the Crypto it borrowed from Voyager account holders:

"Hey Sam, it's Uncle Steve! You know the $728 million in Voyager client funds that I loaned you, the Crypto assets of my VGX heroes?! Well, Zhu isn't answering his phone right now! After I loaned Zhu $328 million a few months ago at 9% so that he could buy terraUSD to stake on Anchor earning 19.5%, I decided to give Zhu all of the Crypto that Alex finally gave me back... so that Zhu can continue to profit the 10.5% spread risk-free on nearly all of my client funds that I haven't already given to you... and because Zhu is ignoring me ever since terraUSD depegged and lost 99.999% of its value... I really need the Crypto back that I loaned to you Sam. Luckily for you, the Crypto I loaned you has crashed in recent months so now you actually only owe me less than $377 million! Can you believe that?! It's almost like you shorted it with perfect timing and added greatly to your fortune! Although CNBC stopped inviting me on after my October Bitcoin price prediction of $100,000 didn't come true, they still love you Sam because your Biden campaign donations singlehandedly got Trump out of office and have put our country on the verge of hyperinflation! Today they were talking about you saying that SBF is the new JP Morgan and you might even buy Robinhood with all of your newly printed unbacked Tethers! Anyway, those scumbags at NIA who shorted my stock at $15 have been lying to everybody saying I loaned $328 million to Zhu when I actually loaned him $654 million including the money from Alex, which even Evan doesn't know about... but then again, Evan doesn't know much about anything at all! Sam can you please return the $377 million ASAP because the NIA FUD about 3AC is causing everybody to withdraw their Crypto from my exchange! I even tried to calm people down by posting a Medium article telling the world that Voyager accounts are the only Crypto accounts in the world that are insured by the FDIC, but only my most brainwashed VGX hero cult members of all actually believe it! Please give the Crypto back Sam or I'm screwed! By the way Sam, the Toronto Stock Exchange called and said that you now own over 10% of our company after you bought more shares with Tethers, but you failed to publicly file as a 10% shareholder. If you don't pay the Crypto back immediately Sam, everybody will find out about the loan, because as a 10% shareholder you will be required to publicly disclose it! They might assume the worst Sam... they might believe that Alameda/FTX is just as insolvent as we are! If you can't afford to pay us back the Crypto right now Sam, you can at least give back a few million Voyager shares so that you are no longer a 10% shareho... ohhh OK you will?? Why because our stock is worthless?? But what about the Crypto you owe us??? ***Click*** Hello, Sam?! Are you there???"