SPOT is Largest Golden Planet Shareholder

The founders of $1 billion+ market cap New Found Gold (TSXV: NFG) recently made a secret gold discovery in the Northwest Territories that is comparable to NFG's discovery of the Queensway Project in Newfoundland. The 202 sq. km land package in the Northwest Territories is called Olympus and it is 100% owned by privately held Golden Planet.

The largest shareholders of Golden Planet are... 1) EarthLabs (TSXV: SPOT), 2) Palisades Goldcorp (TSXV: PALI), 3) Eric Sprott.

SPOT's 27.5% stake in Golden Planet is currently only receiving a valuation of $2,245,876 on SPOT's balance sheet listed as "equity investment", which means SPOT's accountants are assigning a valuation to Golden Planet of $8.17 million when it has $6.76 million in cash. This equals an enterprise value for Golden Planet of $1.41 million, when it has potential to become a billion dollar market cap company when it goes public in 2024.

Watch this video of SPOT's "EarthLabs War Room" about Golden Planet:

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