NIA's SLV Calls Up 456.94% in 4 1/2 Months!

On March 12th, NIA suggested SLV December 2020 $15 call options at $1.44 as soon as the gold/silver ratio surpassed 100. We said it was a guaranteed sure way to earn a 500%-1,000% return because we knew it would be impossible for the gold/silver ratio to remain north of 100 for an extended period of time.

In addition to the gold/silver ratio surpassing 100 on March 12th, the VXSLV/GVZ volatility ratio showing the volatility of silver relative to gold had declined to a near record low of 1.15. Unlike the stock market which sees volatility spike when it crashes, silver sees its volatility spike relative to gold when its price explodes higher. Silver is a screaming buy when volatility is extremely low relative to gold.

Today, the gold/silver ratio declined to 78.50 while the VXSLV/GVZ volatility ratio exploded to an eight-year high of 2.80!

NIA's SLV call option suggestion closed today at $8.02 for a gain of 456.94% in 4 1/2 months!