Seven Coal Stocks Up by Market Limit

Seven Chinese coal stocks gained today by the market limit of 10% (without the limit they would have gained much more):

Kailuan Energy Chemical Co Ltd (SHA: 600997)
Shanxi Coking Co Ltd (SHA: 600740)
Jizhong Energy Resources Co Ltd (SHE: 000937)
Beijing Haohua Energy Resource Co Ltd (SHA: 601101)
Yanzhou Coal Mining Co Ltd (SHA: 600188)
China Shenhua Energy (SHA: 601088)
Shanxi Coal Internationl Energy (SHA: 600546)

China is desperate for the Donkin Coking Coal Mine in Nova Scotia to restart production immediately because with China banning Australian imports of coking coal, China is relying on increasing North American coking coal imports! Only the Donkin mine has the ability to increase coking coal supplies to the Chinese market before year-end! Until Donkin restarts production, coking coal prices will continue to trend higher to new all-time highs because no other fully permitted/developed North American coking coal mine has the ability to add meaningful supply to the extremely tight seaborne market!

With Donkin's owner Kameron Coal being a private company, Morien Resources (TSXV: MOX) the owner of a high value 2%-4% gross production royalty in Donkin is the only way for investors to capitalize! The Cline family which owns 100% of Kameron Coal is also the largest shareholder of MOX! Chris Cline knew that MOX's royalty will one day be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but we doubt he imagined that coking coal would rise to new all-time highs as quickly as it has!

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