Searches for Interferon Exploding!

Google searches for interferon are exploding this morning after Synairgen (SNG.L)'s positive results from its clinical trial of SNG001 its inhaled formulation of interferon beta in hospitalised COVID-19 patients. Synairgen shares are up by 456% this morning with its market cap reaching US$378.72 million, but Synairgen doesn't trade on any North American exchanges. Investors are beginning to search for U.S. and Canadian listed interferon treatment plays for COVID-19 and BetterLife Pharma (CSE: BETR) with a U.S. symbol BETRD is currently planning Phase II studies to begin this summer of AP-003 an interferon treatment for COVID-19 similar to Synairgen's SNG001. Both Synairgen's SNG001 and BETR's AP-003 are interferon treatments that get delivered directly to the lungs via nebulization.

BETR's market cap at $1.89 per share is only US$24.1 million and we believe their AP-003 interferon treatment for COVID-19 has potential to be more effective than Synairgen's SNG001 interferon treatment for COVID-19 because BETR's AP-003 uses interferon alpha2b vs. Synairgen's SNG001 only using interferon beta.

We are very pleased that our last COVID-19 play OPKO Health (OPK) hit $5 per share this morning up 140.38% in three months from our suggestion price of $2.08 per share!

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