Samsung Buys Stake in NOB's CNC

Samsung has acquired a large stake in Canada Nickel Company (TSXV: CNC), which was created by and spun off from Noble Mineral Exploration (TSXV: NOB).

NOB as of August 31st owned CNC shares worth $3,348,437CNC was $1.16 per share on August 31st and has since gained by 44.83% to a closing price today of $1.68 per share.

The most important CNC development in recent months was CNC's August 22nd confirmation of a significant nickel discovery at Mann Northwest located to the east of Crawford. CNC believes based on their geophysical surveys and initial drill holes at Mann Northwest that the property has potential to contain a larger nickel resource than CrawfordNOB currently owns 100% of Mann Northwest.

NOB owns 2% NSR royalties in CNC's MahaffyMacDiarmid, and Bradburn properties.

NOB owns 25,000 hectares of additional staked and patented mineral rights surrounding CNC's properties.

NOB gained by 7.14% today to $0.075 per share!

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